Community Solar for Aurora Residents

What is Community Solar?

Community solar gardens (CSGs) offer a wide array of benefits that include bringing renewable energy to residents looking to enjoy significantly lower electricity costs without the investment of installing solar on their property.  

In the past, many community members aren’t able to reap these benefits. However, we believe it is vitally important to ensure that everyone in our communities has access to renewable energy. 

50% Discount on Electricity Costs

Partnering with IPS Solar for your community solar subscription guarantees qualifying participants a discount of 50% on your electricity supply for 15 years! Imagine what those savings could mean for you and your family. 

To keep things simple, billing runs through IPS Solar each month. This means your ComEd billing will transfer through IPS Solar. Monthly auto-debit is required to participate. 


Aurora Projects Under Way

Two projects are currently under development in Aurora with enough combined power to supply energy to more than 500 homes.  The company is working with local organizations Progressive Energy Group and the Neighbor Project to inform community members about the opportunity.  Several small events have been held since September but a larger, more formal launch is expected in early 2020. 

These projects would be part of a new program through the Illinois Power Agency, and incentive dollars are pending through a competitive process that ends mid-next month.  Once approved, IPS is also committed to holding workforce development training events for those interested in exploring career options in renewable energy. Some participants may even have an opportunity to construct the projects first-hand.

IPS Solar – A Trusted Partner

IPS Solar has a proven track record of working with residents, businesses, and municipalities across the Midwest. In 2018 IPS installed three solar projects with the Just Solar Coalition in Minneapolis to bring hundreds of residents affordable energy. These pilot projects are saving residents hundreds of dollars each year. With over 100 megawatts of solar installed over the last 25 years, IPS offers a unique mix of experience and expertise related to affordable solar development. 


How It Works

Solar Subscription – Residents subscribe to the solar garden to offset monthly supply charges. 

Bill Credits – The solar garden will generate power that is sold to the utility. Residents will receive credits on their utility bills that are generated by the solar array. 

Solar Payments – Residents will make their solar payment to IPS Solar (instead of to ComEd), and IPS Solar will then pay the electricity bill each month to the solar farm (IPS Solar) on their behalf to cover system maintenance and installation costs. The savings for residents will be 50% and are guaranteed through the life of the agreement. There is no upfront fee for residents to participate in this program.



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