Community Solar for CLCLT Residents

Expanding Access to Clean Energy

Community solar gardens (CSGs) offer a wide array of benefits that include bringing renewable energy to businesses, residents and municipalities that have interest but can’t or don’t want solar on their property.

Unfortunately, many community members aren’t able to reap those benefits. A lack of information and opportunity prevents them from accessing renewable energy sources like community solar. Ensuring that renewable energy is accessible to everyone in our communities is vitally important.

Community Solar For All

Partnering with IPS Solar allows City of Lakes Community Land Trust to provide homeowners with access to community solar, making housing more affordable as residents see monthly savings on their energy bills.

To keep things simple, billing will be administered by CLCLT each month. Your Xcel billing will transfer through CLCLT. Monthly auto-debit is required to participate.


IPS Solar – A Trusted Partner

IPS Solar has a proven track record of working with residents, businesses, and municipalities across Minnesota. In 2015 IPS installed two solar projects with CLCLT on Bryant Avenue N. These pilot projects are saving residents hundreds of dollars each year. With over 100 megawatts of solar installed over the last 25 years, we offer an unparalleled mix of experience and expertise. Our project management team has managed over 1,000 projects and are NABCEP certified. Everyday our crews on the roof and in the office work for one purpose, customer satisfaction.


How It Works

Solar Subscription – Homeowners subscribe to the solar garden to offset monthly usage. 

Bill Credits – The solar garden will generate power that is sold to the utility. Homeowners will receive credits on their utility bills that are generated by the purchased energy. 

Solar Payments – Homeowners will make their electricity payment to the CLCLT (instead of to Xcel), and the CLCLT will then pay the electricity bill each month to the solar farm (IPS Solar) on their behalf to cover system maintenance and installation costs. The savings for homeowners will be between 5%-8% and guaranteed through the life of the agreement. The CLCLT will provide the rebate to CLCLT homeowners annually. There is no upfront fee for homeowners to participate in this program.