We understand the value of real estate including the often forgotten piece, the roof. We work with real estate developers, realtors, and building owners themselves to deliver projects that provide a generous rate of return for the next 25 years.

Our team has worked on buildings of all shapes and sizes, from condos, to warehouses, to schools. We possess the knowledge and experience to work through the challenges of commercial projects.

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Smart business owners have discovered the value of a forgotten asset, their rooftop. Beyond the direct short term benefits such as tax credits, accelerated depreciation, and performance based incentives, installing solar panels can also help your business hedge against electricity price volatility and inflation.


Lower Energy Costs

Solar energy costs have been decreasing dramatically the last 10 years. It is not only a commercially viable option, but an outright compelling investment opportunity with long-term, stable, inflation-protected returns. Every one of our customers now pays a lower monthly price for their electricity because they chose solar.

Price Stabilization

The pricing volatility of fossil fuels, along with the difficulty of forecasting fossil fuel prices, puts energy customers and providers at risk from fluctuating energy rates.

And that means in a longer-term view, oil, natural gas and coal do not look like the best price option. The cost of fossil fuel based electricity is expected to increase over time, while the cost of renewables is rapidly decreasing. Some utilities have proposed an energy rate increase of nearly 7% over the next 4 years.

Adding solar energy offers our customers greater stabilization of their electricity costs and with a 25 year warranty, their solar array becomes an investment for the business.


Corporate Sustainability

Every day, more companies, both large and small, are investing in solar as well. For many, it’s to save money. But solar can also be one of the most effective ways to quickly achieve corporate sustainability goals. For example, installing an onsite commercial solar panel system can earn a commercial project more LEED® points than almost any other single green building initiative.

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Client Success

Alan Spaulding and At Home Apartments had been monitoring the cost of solar for the last 8 years. Upon completion of their first project with IPS Solar, they decided to do 12 more.

Here at City Vue Apartments, the 145 kW array produces 25% of the building’s total electrical needs. Their total portfolio produces $66,000 a year creating a 25 year financial benefit of over $2 million.

“Our customers benefit, our staff benefits because they’re engaged in something they believe in, our investors get a good return on investment,” said Spaulding, “it is absolutely a win-win and I can’t think of any reason why you wouldn’t put solar on every rooftop.”

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Schools find that going solar helps them save money on utility bills, create educational opportunities, and reduce their carbon footprint. Over 40 schools in Minnesota have worked with IPS Solar to bring the future of energy production to the next generation.

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Commercial | Louis Industries | Paynesville, MN | 500 kW System

“Everything started looking better. Xcel Energy’s new capacity credit, federal tax incentives, and rapid depreciation made this a very good investment for us. We’d actually considered a wind turbine, but with solar costs coming down, now was the right time.”

Leo Louis, CEO - Louis Industries

Financing Options

We understand that it has to make fiscal sense to bring these projects to completion. Our knowledge of state, federal and utility incentive programs allow us to maximize savings for our customers and provide more funding than any other developer.

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