Solar energy isn’t just for rooftops anymore. With community solar, organizations now have access to solar energy, regardless of their roof’s characteristics or available capital. With no capital expenditure, community solar garden subscribers are guaranteed to save on energy costs while helping achieve their organization’s sustainability goals.


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What Is Community Solar?

Community Solar gardens are off-site solar arrays that produce energy sent to the electric grid, so organizations and individuals can subscribe to the energy produced at a reduced rate. They’re similar to power plants, producing energy away from the end-user, but are typically less than 5 MW in electrical capacity. That’s enough energy to power roughly 542 homes per year. 

A community solar subscription allows individuals and organizations to offset their electricity usage with solar. Energy is produced at a reduced rate at the community solar garden, and savings are applied as credits to the subscriber’s monthly energy bill. 

How Does Community Solar Work?

  1. Solar energy is converted to electricity at the community solar garden and electricity is sent to the utility company via the power grid. 
  2. The utility company provides bill credits to the subscriber.
  3. The subscriber makes payments to the community solar garden.



Why Community Solar?

Guaranteed Savings.

Solar energy produced by the garden is available at a reduced rate, and the subscriber’s energy energy costs are stabilized. With a community solar subscription, your organization is protected from utility company rate hikes and is guaranteed to save.

No Capital Expenditure.

Subscribers are cashflow positive from day one. There’s no need to provide up front capital expenditure, or to finance a community solar subscription. Simply subscribe to a garden and your organization can start saving.

Sustainability Goals.

Community solar garden subscribers can offset 100% of their energy usage, becoming carbon neutral in one step. Subscribers can meet sustainability goals, while resonating with stakeholders who value sustainable practices.

Hands-Off Solar.

Solar energy is now accessible for organizations of any size. With community solar, the need for construction and ideal rooftop condition is eliminated, providing the subscriber with a turnkey solution for solar immediately.

Why IPS?

Unrivaled Solar Experience.

Since 1991, IPS has completed more than 1,300 solar projects across the US, totaling 170 MW. Our team has unmatched development, financing and project management expertise.

Local Roots, National Strength.

We are able to deliver consistent quality across your entire portfolio of projects, no matter the location, while giving each project the specialized attention it requires.

To Make A Positive Impact.

Our core purpose is to positively impact people, power, and the planet with solar energy. That impact grows within our climate, clients, and communities with every project.

We Amplify Your Project.

On-site signage, aerial drone footage, PR consulting and system launch events, are all offered, free of charge to help promote your renewable energy commitment.

Join Our Growing List Of Partners.

Hundreds of businesses, municipalities, school districts, universities, and other public sector clients have invested in solar energy with IPS. 

With over 30 years of proven experience and more than 1,300 solar projects completed, you can trust us to provide your organization with the correct solution to meet your needs. 

We’ve worked with organizations of all shapes and sizes, designing solutions that are specifically tailored to each client.


Client Success

Mark and Lisa from ISD 197 work every day to ensure their students get a quality education. When they looked at ways to reduce spending and become more sustainable as a district, solar energy made a lot of sense.

In working with IPS to find the right mix of rooftop and community solar, the school district was able to drastically reduce their carbon footprint while saving roughly $200,000 per year – allowing them to put more money back into their classrooms.


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Diversify Your Income – Grow Energy

If you have a good location, we want to lease it from you to provide people with access to solar. Utility customers within the solar garden’s service area, including residences, businesses, local governments, non-profits, and faith-based organizations, can all subscribe to the sun. It’s like an agricultural lease, and you are the landlord.


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