Community Solar Gardens

Guaranteed Savings

As energy costs continue to rise, community solar garden (CSG) subscriptions offer businesses, non-profits and municipalities an easy way to secure guaranteed monthly energy savings without any upfront costs.  

Our solar subscription rates offer 25-year savings of up to $1M, and with the new value of solar bill credit, savings are guaranteed with no risk to subscribers. Impact Power Solutions takes on the long-term maintenance and management of the array as well as the operational risk.

How It Works

For every kilowatt hour (kWh) of energy production associated with your portion of the Solar Garden, you get a Bill Credit from the utility. The fixed difference between the Bill Credit Rate and your Subscription Rate is the amount you save. Rates are set, so you know the savings per kWh in advance. The larger your subscription, the more you save. 

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Client Success

Eichten’s Hidden Acres, a family-owned cheese and buffalo ranch, is home to more than 15,000 solar panels, powering its farm and community. A smooth development process made this an easy decision for an organization committed to energy efficiency and healthy farming.

Eichten’s leases the land to IPS, who partners with local subscribers made up of businesses and the nearby school district.

“This was the first one we did in the area so they had a lot of questions to answer and we always got the answers we needed,” said Ed Eichten, co-owner of Eichten’s Hidden Acres. ”We are going to produce a lot of electricity here.”

Join 400+ Facilities Already Saving With Solar

Hundreds of businesses, schools and municipalities across Minnesota have already made the switch to community solar with IPS!

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