Distributed Energy Resources – NEW DRAFT

Key Benefits

IPS Solar creates more reliable and cost-effective ways to offset power outages, over-worked power resources and rising energy costs by working with building owners and operators to create self-sustaining and self-optimizing facilities and communities.

Greater Economy – Control both the costs of your energy and the demand for energy by optimizing your overall energy usage. Save money by making your energy use more predictable and manageable.

Greater Reliability – Your energy is self-supplied from a variety of sources.

Greater Resiliency – Protect your business from costly power outages caused by natural disasters and other emergencies.

Greater Environmental Stewardship – Reduce your carbon footprint and showcase your clean energy commitment to your customers. 

End Users

Commercial Users – Batteries store energy when it is cheap and abundant, and discharge energy during peak demand periods when it is more expensive

Utilities – Energy storage can be used to delay grid upgrades or help alleviate the “duck curve” caused by daytime solar energy loading onto the grid. 

Start To Finish – We’ve Got You Covered – Our in-house teams finance, design, engineer, permit, procure, manage, install, interconnect, inspect and maintain your solar + storage system. 

Large Demand Charges?

Time For Solar + Energy Storage


Lower Your Energy Costs by reducing your demand charges from peak demand with solar + energy storage.

Save Money by using energy from your solar + energy storage system or from the the power grid during off peak hours. Your solar + energy storage system can intelligently charge and discharge to reduce your peak demand loads. 


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How Solar + Energy Storage Works



How Peak Demand Shaving Works



What is a Demand Charge?

You have two main charges on your electric bill.


Energy Consumption

The total amount of power you draw from the power grid during your billing cycle. 

Demand Charge

Your highest instantaneous power usage over any 15 minute interval during your billing cycle. Usually stated in $/KW. If your demand charge is more than 50% of your total electric bill it’s time to consider solar + energy storage. 




Potential Incomes & Savings

Control both the costs of your energy and the demand for energy by optimizing your over-all energy usage.

Financing Options

We Understand that it has to make fiscal sense to bring these projects to completion. Our knowledge of state, federal and utility incentive programs (like PACE financing) allow us to maximize savings for our customers and provide more funding than any other developer. 

Each Solar Project has Different Objectives.

Your church or community center may have different goals than a large energy consumer like a freezer warehouse.

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