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Solar Works For MN Manufacturers.

Manufacturers across Minnesota have invested in solar energy with IPS. 

With over 30 years of proven experience and more than 1,300 solar projects completed, you can trust us to provide your business with the correct solution to meet your needs. 

We’ve worked with manufacturers of all shapes and sizes, designing solutions that are specifically tailored to each client. 

“This could be the best business decision I’ve ever made.” – Lance Louis, CEO, Louis Industries



Why Solar?

Your Bottom Line.

An investment in solar allows you to take control of your energy costs and leverage incentives. The 26% Solar tax Credit, MACRS depreciation and utility incentive programs make the financials behind solar even more attractive.

Your Energy Bill.

Solar provides a locked & affordable energy rate, protecting your organization from rate hikes. As electricity costs continue to rise, your savings increase – allowing for predictable financial forecasting and reliable savings.

Your Sustainability Goals. 

Whether you’re taking steps toward a greener supply chain, achieving LEED certification, or simply want to do your part in reducing emissions, solar can compliment and contribute to your organization’s sustainability goals. 

Your Planet.

An investment in solar is an investment in our planet. Solar helps improve air quality, reduce water pollution, and will help reduce your carbon footprint – while resonating with stakeholders who value sustainable practices.

Why IPS?

Unrivaled Solar Experience.

Since 1991, IPS has completed more than 1,300 solar projects across the US, totaling 170 MW. Our team has unmatched development, financing and project management expertise.

Local Roots, National Strength.

We are able to deliver consistent quality across your entire portfolio of projects, no matter the location, while giving each installation the specialized attention it requires.

Make A Positive Impact.

Our core purpose is to positively impact people, power, and the planet with solar energy. That impact grows within our climate, clients, and communities with every project.

We Amplify Your Project.

On-site signage, aerial drone footage, PR consulting and system launch events, are all offered, free of charge to help promote your renewable energy commitment.

Solar Solutions

Whether you need solutions for a portfolio-wide partnership or a single location, we’ll provide you with the right mix of rooftop and community solar.
Before you make a decision, we develop a comprehensive plan to leverage ideal rooftop space and available community solar gardens.

On-Site Solar

An on-site solar project delivers a strong, predictable ROI and allows you to own your array. You can power your facility with clean energy while showcasing your panels to clients and partners.


Image: 139 kW rooftop install for LifeSource in Minneapolis, MN

139 kW rooftop install for LifeSource in Minneapolis, MN

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Off-Site Solar

A community solar subscription allows you to offset all of your energy usage without any capital expenditure or panels on-site. Community solar savings are 100% guaranteed!


Image: 1.42 MW community solar garden in Long Lake, MN.

1.42 MW community solar garden in Long Lake, MN.

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Client Success

Protolabs Manufacturing

Protolabs is one of the world’s leading sourcse for digital manufacturing, producing custom components in as fast as 1 day. They’re committed to supporting a range of sustainability efforts across the company, including this solar array on their flagship manufacturing facility. The rooftop array will offset 20% of the facilities electrical usage and 1.3 million pounds of Carbon Dioxide each year.

“Over the years, sustainability has become more and more important to us” says Brad Pfeifer, Director of Facilities at Protolabs “so this was a natural next step for us to explore using renewable resources such as solar.”