Community Solar

Community solar gardens (CSGs) offer a wide array of benefits that include bringing renewable energy to businesses, residents and municipalities in Illinois that have interest but don’t have the resources to implement on-site solar. Whether you’re interested in hosting a CSG or looking for a subscription plan that fits your needs, we are here to assist your move into solar.

Our solar subscription rates offer 25-year savings of $5K– $1M. And with the new Value of Solar bill credit, savings are guaranteed, with no risk to subscribers. IPS Solar takes on the long-term maintenance and management of the array as well as the operational risk.

We have developed our solar programs with Illinois’ Future Energy Jobs Act in mind. FEJA is the premier legislation to drive renewable energy and economic development in the state. More info on FEJA can be found here

Find Your Solar Solution


IPS currently has 100 MW worth of community solar projects under development in Illinois. With gardens throughout the state located in both Ameren and ComEd territory, we are certain to have a solar solution that fits your needs. 

By the end of 2019 we will have projects located in 11 Illinois counties that will be generating enough energy to power over 9,000 average Illinois homes.

Your Community Solar Garden Potential

IPS Solar helps organizations and homeowners understand their Community Solar Garden potential. While your land may not be profitable now, you may be an excellent candidate to host a solar garden. We’ve helped develop, finance, and install more solar projects in the state than any other developer.

Participate in the Solar Revolution

You can subscribe to a portion of solar production by participating in ComEd or Ameren’s community solar program. Your subscription allows you to benefit from solar installations located on nearby properties. Each month garden members earn bill credits proportionate to their subscription share, for 25 years.

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How Community Solar Gardens Work


Schools find that going solar helps them save money on utility bills, create educational opportunities, and reduce their carbon footprint. Over 40 schools across the midwest have worked with IPS Solar to bring the future of energy production to the next generation.

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