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Bringing Solar To Schools

IPS has been helping K-12 schools, colleges and universities make the switch to solar for over a decade. After a few years, we began to get questions from school administrators and teachers about how they could incorporate solar energy into their classroom. We embraced the opportunity to educate the next generation of energy leaders and created the Sunrise Program. This program is dedicated to developing innovative and engaging educational content about solar energy.

We offer schools complete STEM programs designed to spark students’ curiosity and give them the tools they will ultimately need for success. Our Sunrise Program offers schools classroom presentations, fully developed STEM curricula and educator workshops that can be mixed and matched to best serve each community. 

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Showcasing Your Sustainable Commitment

We want our clients to be able to showcase their renewable energy commitment with the world. After an install is completed, we send out a licensed drone pilot to shoot unique footage of your array. That footage is used to create a custom edited video that you can share with customers. We also supply you with all of the original footage to use however you’d like. 

Our Solar Snapshot Signage is another way tell your solar story. These signs are designed and printed 100% free of charge. They feature your corporate branding and include a drone photo, array details, and space to share your organization’s message.