Our Impact

We Can Do More

All companies work to generate profits and create value, but the best run-companies do more. They have a broader, more complete view of corporate responsibility that is focused on creating value for all. That mindset has helped pilot our business for 30 years, emphasizing long-term success over short-term gains. As we grow, so does the positive impact we have on our clients, the communities we serve, and the environment. We are dedicated to maximizing that impact on and off the balance sheet.

That means continuing current initiatives like our Sunrise Educational Program and our efforts promoting local workforce development, while starting new ones like our partnership with the American Forests Organization to plant one tree for every kilowatt of solar we install.  


We help our clients succeed on and off the balance sheet. From energy savings to educational programs, your goals are our priority. 


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We are working to ensure that ALL community members have the opportunity to enjoy the benefits of solar energy. 


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Our commitment to sustainability extends far beyond our rooftop crews. We’ve implemented environmentally conscious practices across every aspect of our business.    

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