Guarantee Savings With Community Solar

New Value of Solar tariff ensures financial benefits for participants


CFO’s and Energy Managers – it’s time to celebrate!  You can now confidently recommend Community Solar today understanding exactly how much your organization will save each year, with the comfort of knowing that number will always be positive from year 1 to year 25.

Facilities Managers can also celebrate, there’s no need for panels on your roof.  Community Solar allows ratepayers to participate in nearby solar projects, with benefits automatically credited to their monthly utility statements. IPS Solar identifies land, develops projects, and contracts with energy users (subscribers) to offer a simple, straightforward approach to energy savings.


From Risk To Stability 

Previously, solar developers presented assumptions regarding long-term utility costs.  Many prospective subscribers were concerned with what was perceived to be unknown price risk and may have decided that the program didn’t offer the assurances needed to make an informed decision.  Under Xcel’s new program iteration called Value of Solar, Community Solar subscribers can accurately forecast both the costs and benefits of their commitments upfront. 

Over the last three years Community Solar in Minnesota has become a more stable and mature market, allowing the utility, ratepayers and solar developers to benefit from more predictable energy values.   Xcel’s new Value of Solar tariff sets a known price for solar compensation, contracted for 25 years. 


Real Savings

Organizations can expect to save thousands up to millions of dollars during the term of an agreement.  The chart below illustrates indicative benefits for subscribers with varying energy consumption:

Lease Your Roof or Property!

IPS continues to specialize in helping organizations monetize under-utilized real estate like roofs, parking lots, or unproductive land.  Lease your roof so others in the community can benefit from solar energy. We offer very competitive rates and a quick turn around on assessing feasibility at your sites.  Many commercial real estate sectors are getting in on the action; from industrial warehouses to brownfields to multi-family units. Let us help assess your solar revenue potential.



About IPS Solar:

IPS Solar, a leading provider of solar power solutions in Minnesota and the Midwest, is focused on the development, installation and management of solar power systems for commercial, community solar and residential customers. IPS Solar is one of the fastest growing solar systems providers in the United States, delivering rooftop commercial projects to multi-megawatt community solar gardens.

Our company’s mission is to lead the transition away from fossil fuels toward renewable power while saving money for our customers. For over 25 years, IPS Solar has been serving clients with integrity and excellence.