IPS Solar named #1 Fastest Growing Company

Coming in at #1 of the Fastest Growing Private Companies is… IPS Solar!

We’re very grateful to our internal team and our customers who made this a possibility. The benefits of solar are becoming more and more evident and in today’s global community, are becoming more and more vital. 

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“The two biggest challenges for us are the dynamic cash flow requirements for our projects, and finding and retaining talent. Solar is a very fast-growing industry and almost no one has relevant experience. We’ve been blessed to hire people with a ton of passion. It’s easy to train team members who are motivated.

Fortunately IPS Solar was positioned well for high growth in 2015, which led to an easier transition for us into a mid-sized business. We need to continue to educate commercial property owners that their roofs and parking lots are valuable. Solar investments are predictable and lucrative, if you don’t want to invest, we can lease your property at attractive rates.”

– IPS Solar CEO Ralph Jacobson on his views about the company’s growth and future opportunities.