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Feasibility Report – Initially, we begin with a feasibility report that will examine everything from roof integration to financing to economics. Our solar professionals will review the study with you, allowing us to take the necessary steps to reduce your electricity bills and environmental impact.
Example Feasibility Report 

Utility & Incentive Procurement – We take care of all applications and permits necessary to complete your project. Our knowledge of state, federal and utility incentive programs allows us to maximize savings for our customers and source more funding than any other developer.

Project Engineering – After approval from the utility and incentive programs, we complete the formal engineering and diligence process. This may require an additional site visit from our engineering team and a financial review.

Project Management – Our project management staff begins their process immediately, ensuring no time lost. This experienced team manages everything from building permits to land use to construction personnel. They are involved until every last piece of solar equipment is functioning and every remnant of construction is gone. Only then is an IPS Solar array designated “commissioned.”



We understand that it has to make fiscal sense to bring these projects to completion. Our knowledge of state, federal and utility incentive programs allow us to maximize savings for our customers and provide more funding than any other developer.

Each solar project has different objectives. Your church or community center may have different goals than a large energy consumer like a freezer warehouse.

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Tax Credits & Incentives – Businesses and homeowners can receive a 26% federal Investment Tax Credit (ITC) on the cost of a solar system. Further options include performance-based incentives in which customers are compensated at a solar rate nearly twice the retail value.

PACE Financing – Property-Assessed Clean Energy (PACE) financing allows commercial property owners to borrow money to pay for renewable energy improvements such as solar electric systems. The amount borrowed is repaid via a special property tax assessment over time, typically 10-20 years. The MinnPACE website is a great resource for more info. 
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Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) – Businesses and non-profits can now install solar arrays with no upfront cost as well. IPS and its investors install, own, operate, and maintain the system; your company agrees to buy power from the array at a discount to your current power rate. Nobody inside your organization has to be trained to keep the solar energy system in peak working condition. We provide regular maintenance and our crews respond immediately if a problem is reported to us.

Financial Partners – We work with national project development and finance companies to deliver sourcing from private, public and institutional investors. These successful partnerships allow IPS to provide local knowledge and national strength.


Our trusted partners – IPS has a network of trusted installation partners. That means we can provide all of the necessary labor for your project. Our strong track record shows that we deliver on time and on budget.

We have seen it all over the last 30+ years in the solar industry. This means there is no challenge too great and at the end of your project, you can be sure you will receive the highest level of service.

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Our support team’s objective is clear; to ensure that system up-time and energy production is optimized – thereby maximizing return on investment.

Monitoring – Once your project has been commissioned we install internet-based monitoring. Real-time and historical data is accessible by you and our team at any time. If there is an issue with the system we will either reset it remotely or respond within 24 hours.

Tech Support – We maintain everything from small residential systems to large commercial and community solar gardens. Our trained technicians provide polite, respectful and professional service when in a customer’s home or business.



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