City Vue Apartments – 150 kW

Project Name:   CityVue Apartments
Project Size:   150 kW
Portfolio:   At Home Apartments 
Panels:   450
Location:   Eagan, MN
Commissioned:   2016

CityVue Apartments in Eagan is going green in a big way! Property owner At Home Apartments is installing a 450 panel, 148 kW array on top of an adjacent parking structure to supplement power for the complex. The installation is the largest of its kind in the state and the largest overall in Eagan.

At Home Apartments co-founder Alan Spaulding knew that adding solar had many benefits. “There is certainly a marketing element to it. We want to attract a clientele that cares about their carbon footprint, takes pride in where they live, and wants to take care of the property,” Spaulding said. “But solar also stands on its own as an investment. The state and federal incentives for solar, such as accelerated depreciation and the Made in Minnesota program, allow you to defray the initial costs and get to the energy savings in just a few years.”

At Home Apartments will be installing 14 solar projects in 2016, equaling nearly 500 kilowatts. The installations are part of a corporate sustainability push and they’re a great investment for At Home Apartments, helping lower long-term energy costs and allowing lease rates to be more competitive into the future. These systems should produce over 600,000 kilowatt-hours per year, enough energy to power roughly 140 apartment units.

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