City of Edina Solar Garden – 664 kW

Project Name: City of Edina Solar Garden
Project Size: 664 kW
Panels: 1,926
Location: Edina, MN
Commissioned: 2019

Edina residents now have their own solar garden, but it will likely be hard for most to notice. It’s located on the roof of the Edina Public Works Building and it will send power to more than 68 homes in the community.
It follows a push to find more renewable energy options in the city, but no taxpayer money is being spent.

At 664 kilowatts, the array is smaller than most other community solar gardens, which are normally ground-based and produce 1-2 megawatts of electricity, but those larger solar gardens mostly serve businesses and municipalities. This garden is only of the only ones in the state that is fully subscribed by local residents. 

The City of Edina Solar Garden will offset 18,480 tons of carbon dioxide. That is equivalent to planting 730 acres of new forest. 

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