Feldmann Imports – 277 kW

Client Name:   Feldmann Imports
Project Size:   277.8 kW
Panels:   731
Location:   Bloomington, MN
Commissioned:   2021


About the Feldmann Imports Solar Project

This 277.8 kW solar array spans two buildings at the Feldmann Imports Mercedes-Benz dealership in Bloomington, MN. The panels will produce roughly 330,582 kWh per year, enough to power 18 average Minnesota homes. Over 30 years the solar panel system will offset over 4,500 tons of CO2, the equivalent of adding over 5,000 acres of trees to our forests. 

Founded by Terry Feldmann in 1983, Feldmann Imports has served Bloomington and the surrounding area for over 35 years and remains a family business. The company began a complete remodel of their facility in 2021, and decided to incorporate solar into the project to capitalize on the energy savings and sustainability that solar provides. Along with a solar array, the remodel added 7,000 square feet of floor space and state-of-the-art amenities. 

As a part of our partnership with American Forests, IPS will assist in the planting of 277 trees, one for each kW of solar included in this project. 

Solar worked for Feldmann Imports. Interested to see if it can work for you? Contact us today to get started.