Rockford School District – 120 kW

Project Name: Rockford School District
Total Project Size: 120 kW
Number of Schools: 3
Location: Rockford, MN
Commissioned: 2015


Rockford School District recently flipped the switch on three rooftop solar projects.The solar panel systems will not only save energy dollars but also provide science learning opportunities for students and help to meet the district’s sustainability goals.

These arrays were installed AT NO COST to the district by IPS Solar’s Solar4Schools Program. Over the next 30 years, our systems will save hundreds-of-thousands in taxpayer dollars by lowering operational costs for school districts. Contact IPS to find out how solar can provide educational opportunities AND save money to your business or school district.

The three systems produce about 150,000 kWh of electricity on average per year. Producing 150,000 kWh of electricity annually from coal emits about 245,000 pounds of carbon dioxide. Preventing this much carbon dioxide from being released into the atmosphere is equivalent to adding 131 acres of trees to our forests. Over a 30-year span, IPS expects this system will offset 7,350,000 pounds or 3,675 tons of carbon dioxide.

Rockford District Schools With Solar

Rockford Elementary School* 
Rockford Middle School 
Rockford High School**Featured Images


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