St. Joseph Solar Garden – 3 MW

Project Name:   St. Joseph Solar Garden
Project Size:   3.02 MW DC
Panels:   8,748
Location:   St. Joseph, MN
Commissioned:   2017
Partners:   New Energy Equity /  WGL

If you’ve driven along I-94 just north of St. Joseph you may have see an emergence of solar panels. A new 8,748-panel project is now producing electricity, spread across 60 acres along side of Interstate 94. The project will produce enough equivalent energy to power roughly 480 average Minnesotan homes.  

Primary subscribers include the St. Cloud, Annandale, and Paynesville School Districts, along with local manufacturer Louis Industries. Louis Industries previously installed 500 kilowatts of panels on their roof in 2015 and decided to expand with Community Solar.  “Over the course of 25 years, subscribers to this solar garden should see total savings in excess of $8,000,000,” said Pasi. “We’re making a real difference both economically and environmentally.” 

Like every IPS solar garden, this site was planted with a pollinator-friendly seed mix of native plants and grasses. This seed mix allows wildlife of all shapes and sizes to flourish. We partnered with local beekeeping business, Bare Honey, to produce honey right on site. Bare Honey provides the bees, IPS provides the habitat and the end result is some tasty honey made with the power of the sun! 


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