Waterville Solar Garden – 6.63 MW

Project Name: Waterville
Project Size:  6.63 MW
Panels: 19,800
Location: Waterville, MN
Commissioned: 2018

This 6.63 Megawatt community solar garden in Le Seur County will produce enough energy to power over 1,000 average Minnesota homes. The project, and others like it, will operate for at least 25-years, bringing economic value to the communities in which they serve. Over the course of those 25 years, subscribers to this community solar garden should see total savings in excess of $7,000,000.

Extra planning was required by IPS Solar engineers in order to account for several unstable wetland areas on the property. The solution was a unique design that maximizes solar production while avoiding all of the wetland areas unsuitable for construction.  

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