Save Money on Electricity

Installing solar panels can greatly reduce your school’s electricity bill saving significant money in the long run. Just ask Mounds View School District which installed solar on 13 buildings and will reduce energy costs by $2 million over the next 25 years. By going solar, your school can also protect against rising electricity costs. Signing a contract to purchase a solar system (or solar electricity) allows schools to guarantee their electricity prices for up to 20 years, saving districts money and making budgeting easier.

Provide a Unique Learning Opportunity

Schools have an enormous incentive to go solar – not just to save money but to create an energy- and sustainability-conscious student body. Since it is important that students be aware of the huge environmental challenges we face this century, schools serve as stewards of sustainability and cornerstones of green initiatives that benefit their community. With solar systems from IPS Solar, students are able to see first-hand how sunlight is converted to electricity and solar installations can be integrated into a school’s math, science, and technologies programs to improve test scores in those fields.

Reduce Your Environmental Impact

According to the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), generating electricity contributes over one-third of all greenhouse gas emissions in the United States. Solar power is a renewable substitute for fossil-fuel-burning power plants, which emit greenhouse gases that lead to climate change. Switching to solar energy is one of the biggest changes we can make in our communities to curb climate change. With rising concerns about our carbon footprint and the mounting cost of energy, solar is a wise investment for the health of the environment and generations to come.




Our Schools

  • Annadale Schools(3)
  • Belgrade-Brooten-Elrosa Schools
  • Becker High School
  • Chisago Lakes Schools(5)
  • Holdingford Schools(2)
  • Hopkins High
  • Macalester College(2)
  • Metropolitan State(2)
  • Northland College
  • Mounds Park Academy
  • Mounds View Schools(13)
  • Paynesville Schools
  • Red Wing Schools
  • Rockford Schools(2)
  • St Cloud Schools(3)
  • St John’s University
  • St Olaf College
  • Triton Schools
  • Twin Oaks Middle School
  • University of Minnesota(2)
  • University of St Thomas
  • Waconia High School
  • Willmar Junior High School
  • Zumbrota Schools

Impact Power Solutions has been installing commercial solar power systems at K-12 schools, colleges and universities for over a decade. After a few years, we began to hear a common question from school administrators and teachers: “We have this awesome solar system on our campus — can you teach us about it?” IPS Solar embraced the opportunity to educate the next generation of energy leaders and created the Sunrise Program. This program is dedicated to developing innovative and engaging educational content about solar energy.

We offer schools complete STEM programs designed to spark students’ curiosity and give them the tools they will ultimately need for success. Our Sunrise Program offers schools three approaches — classroom presentations, fully developed STEM curricula and professional development – that can be mixed and matched to best serve each community.

Solar Curriculum

Organizations participating in the IPS Solar4Schools program get access to our standards-based K-12 solar energy and energy efficiency lesson plans, which include teacher guides, student worksheets, presentations and links to online resources. They can also request that a qualified IPS employee present the material and work with students in the classroom.

Educator Workshops

IPS hosts these workshops quarterly with professional development for teachers in mind. The program includes opportunities for educators to learn about solar energy, giving them the tools and knowledge to better educate their students. IPS extends teacher learning beyond the classroom through teacher training such as a continuing education solar certificate course.

Educator Workshop | Redwing High Shool | Red Wing, MN | October 2017

“I have been working for years to get solar into our schools. With school budgets as tight as they are, going green was a very hard sell when the dollars would have to be taken from the classroom. This was a wonderful project, one where I was able to tell our School Board that we could make $7.7 million over the next 25-years, and spend no district dollars! ($6.6 solar garden subscription & $1.1 land lease). What a wonderful way to help our district and the environment!  Win-win for everyone!”

Kevin Johnson, Director of Buildings & Grounds - Red Wing School District

Client Success

Mark & Lisa from ISD 197 work every day to ensure their students get a quality education. When they looked at ways to reduce spending and become more sustainable as a district, solar energy made a lot of sense.

In working with IPS to find the right mix of rooftop and community solar, the school district was able to drastically reduce their carbon footprint while saving roughly $200,000 per year – allowing them to put more money back into their classrooms.


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SCHOOL | Snail Lake Kindergarten | Shoreview, MN | 40 kW System